Marina Kalamatas

Marina Kalamatas Local Area - Peloponnesus

Marina Kalamatas

Longitude: 22° 07.3' E

Latitude: 37° 01.39' N

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Marina Kalamatas is located in Kalamata, built on the foothills of Taigetus Mountain, named after the nymph Taygete who refused Zeus's advanced and was turned into a doe by her protectress Artemis.  The city is renowned for the Kalamatianos dance, dark olives and pasteli or honey-covered sesame sweets.

The city has a number of museums and attractions, including the Benakeion Archaeological Museum of Kalamata, the Temple of Apollo Epicuruis and the Castle of Kalamata.  Kalamatas is also home the Kalamata International Dance Festival and has a 5,000 seater National Stadium.

Marina Kalamatas is well situated on the Paloponnese coast for visitors looking to explore the Southern coast of Greece or inland to Sparta, Corinth and Patras, home of the annual Patras Carnival.

Famous people to have lived here include Andreas Apostolopoulos, real estate developer and owner of the Pontiac Silverdome stadium in Metro Detroit, Yiannis Balisthe discoverer of Lamellar Bodies, as well as a number of footballers including Kenny Stamatopoulos.