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Marina Verolme

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Marina Services
- Boat Rentals
- Beauty and Fashion
- Fuel
- Equipments, Pieces, Motors and Mechanics
- Shipyard
- Lighting
- Nautical Stores
- Naval Joinery
- Safe
- Services
- Inks

Fork Lift
Two forklifts, operated by specialized personnel, they guarantee speed and safety in the transport of the ships between the dry stack and the water. The medium time of all the operation is of four minutes.
Travel Lift
The largest travel lift of Brazil is in Verolme. Manufactured for the it Marinates Travelift - larger American company of the branch - with capacity for 70 tons, it is the only of the country capable to carry ships of up to 100 feet quickly and safety. For smaller embarkations, there is still a Travellift for up to 35 tons.

Hydraulic Trailer
The hydraulic trailer Holstar was especially manufactured to assist them need of Marina Verolme. He transports embarkations in longer displacements, uniting all the companies installed in an area of 350.000m.

Boat Wash
The cleaning happens once a week and always when the ship comes from the sea. A specialized team of the marinas, by the manufacturer of the products of cleaning, takes care with love of all the details, washing, sweetening the motor and airing vests and your cushion.

Marina Verolme  possesses a heliport with capacity to receive six aircrafts. Soon it will have a hangar and position of provisioning.