Mgarr Marina

Mgarr Marina - Gozo

Mgarr Marina

Longitude: 14°18’08.78”E

Latitude: 36°01’31.52”N

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Mgarr Marina operated by Melita Marine Group is located in Gozo, Malta’s sister island. Mgarr Marina is the only marina in Gozo and is only minutes away from the island of Comino and the blue lagoon with its excellent diving facilities.

The Marina is backed up by a full service in all aspects. Electricity, fresh water, security cameras, disposal of black water, bunkering facilities at berth. The Marina is located within short distance of retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment areas.

Mgarr Marina started in water works that include pontoon replacement and refurbishment, new chain systems, new electronic prepaid water and electricity modules installation and other various upgrades directly financed privately through Harbour Management Limited with a budget of over €1 million.

In the meantime Work on the 'Żewwieqa Waterfront' started, thus finally rehabilitating the area known as Taż-Żewwieqa into a waterfront area by creating pedestrian zones, landscaped plazas including seating area with open sea views, an area hosting the restored Dgħajsa tal-Latini and an informal stage structure.

The waterfront, a project developed by the Ministry for Gozo aims to create another tourism zone in Gozo by turning it into a hub or entertainment activities. Just over €5 million were budgeted for the project with 85% of the necessary funds provided through the EU's European Regional Development Fund.