Olive Island Marina - Sutomiscica

Olive Island Marina - Sutomiscica - Dalmatia

Olive Island Marina - Sutomiscica

Croatia Croatia

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A silently spectacular coastal paradise of shimmering sunsets, vibrant islands and eastern culture.   view

Olive Island Marina’s core philosophy is to match a combination of relaxed Dalmatian style living with world class standards. The effective use of traditional materials such as wood and stone come together with modern materials such as steel and glass to create a contemporary atmosphere that merges the established with the pioneering. This use of hi-tech architecture makes Olive Island Marina a true gem of the Adriatic.

 Situated in a beautiful bay on the eastern side of the island of Ugljan, 3km North of Preko, Olive Island Marina occupies one of the most beautiful locations in the Zadar Archipelago. Olive Island Marina offers some exceptional services including a direct private ferry to and from the beautiful city of Zadar on the Croatian mainland.

Olive Island Marinas’ modern and fully equipped marina facilities are ready to be put at your disposal and the surrounding cultural experiences are waiting for you. Zadar attracts guests with its 3000 year old picturesque old town coupled with the array of dreamy fishing villages and thoroughly attractive landscapes and beaches.

Olive Island marina couldn’t be safer place to birth your yacht, embedded in a natural oasis with a 264m breakwater, you will be able to enjoy everything the Zadar Archipelago has to offer, safe in the knowledge that your yacht is well looked after.