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Palapa Marina - St Maarten

Palapa Marina

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Sand-covered and sun-bleached, there is no escaping the bewitching bliss of the Virgin Islands.   view

Located in Simpson Bay, Palapa Marina has created a home away from home for the visiting yachtsman. The ambience is very relaxed with an abundance of fine dining, shopping and recreational facilities with its prime location only minutes from the airport, beaches and casinos.

 Palapa Marina is a year round, full service marina offering mariners a whole host of services which add up to create a truly memorable and pleasurable experience. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, business services, repair or parts and supplies, Palapa Marina can accommodate your needs.

The wide range of services available on the island of Saint Martin are world class; the restaurants, of which many are managed by acclaimed international chefs, offer an overwhelming variety to even the most discerning clientele. Endless lists of activities, cultural delights and the night life is nigh on impossible to beat. Saint Martin has become a major centre for yachting in the Caribbean and plays host to numerous regattas such as the Heineken regatta which is recognized as major event in the entire Caribbean Calender.

Visiting Palapa Marina Is an experience you will never forget, and staying on the Island of Saint Martin will stay with you for life.