Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio

Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio - South Corsica

Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio

Longitude: 09° 9.8' E

Latitude: 41° 23.4' N

Corsica Corsica

A Luxury Yachting Guide

This glittering Mediterranean gem is a vibrant French island basking in the brilliant Italian sun.   view

Located on the Southern-most tip of Corsica, Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio is a popular destination in the Mediterranean for yachts up to 75m in length.

Quaintly located in a narrow inlet lined by chalky white cliffs, the marina can accommodate up to 340 visiting yachts in its well protected port.  Offering a variety of services including marina amenities, local restaurants and chic bars, Bonifacio is also labelled as a 'Clean Port', with numerous measures in place both for the marina and visiting yachts.

Port de Plaisance de Bonifacio has been known to berth some of the most stunning yachts in the world, from modern sailboats and superyachts to traditional wooden vessels.  This appears to mirror the town itself, where intertwined with the old town and citadel of Bonifacio and its well preserved culture, there is a lively social spirit and classy entertainment.