Shelter Island Marina

Shelter Island Marina Layout - San Diego

Shelter Island Marina

Longitude: 117° 13.5' W

Latitude: 32° 50.1' N


A Luxury Yachting Guide


Shelter Island Marina can easily accommodate a grand total of 25 superyachts; offering space for 5 yachts measuring up to 58.0m, 16 hulls in the 31-50m range and 4 yachts between 24m and 30m.

Specifications of entry for this marina mean that the maximum draft of any superyacht arriving in the facility is 4.0m and must have a beam measuring no more than 10.0m .

Focal marina amenities include Electricity , Repairs , Security , Waste Disposal , Water , WC and WiFi .

When entering, remember to switch the VHF Channel to 16.