The Barcadere Marina

The Barcadere Marina - Grand Cayman

The Barcadere Marina

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Located in the sheltered North Sound, The Barcadere Marina is the oldest place of berth in Grand Cayman.

The Barcadere, from the Caymanian word for boat landing place and derived from the French 'débarcadère', is the oldest marina found on Grand Cayman.  Seen on the earliest maps of the Cayman Islands since 1735, it was an integral part of Grand Cayman's social and economic sea-trade until the arrival of the airplanes.

With the calm waters of the North Sound ideal for seaplanes to take off and land, The Barcadere became the first international airport of Grand Cayman for US Navy seaplanes carrying passengers and cargo onto the island.  This didn't last for long as in 1954 the Owen Roberts International Airport opened adjacent to the marina, bringing in larger commercial airplanes, rendering The Barcadere obsolete.  

Then, in 2009 The Barcadere reopened, providing mooring to local and visiting vessels.  Once again the original marina is flourishing and is the only available marina that can accommodate yachts up to 130ft in length.