Torquay Marina

Torquay Marina Local Area - Torquay

Torquay Marina

Longitude: 03° 31' 40" W

Latitude: 50° 27' 33" N

United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Torquay Marina is located in Torbay which has been inhabited since the paleolithic times, as shown by hand axes and human bone remains dating back to 40,000 years ago found in the caverns along the shores.  Although the Romans were known to have visited the area, Torquay was not permanently inhabited until the 1800s with the Napoleonic wars, where its sheltered bay provided anchorage for the Channel Fleet.

The city has a number of attractions such as the 1100s monastery Torre Abbey and Kents Cavern where the Romans left offerings, as well as the Torquay Museum, Bath's Saloons, Babbacombe Model Village and the Princess Theatre.  Torquay has been visited by a number of famous people including Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter, King George V and Charles Dickens.

The town has been featured in popular English culture, such as in Monty Python's Flying Circus [during which John Cleese got inspiration on the setting for the production of Fawlty Towers], the film Blackball with Paul Kayne and Vince Vaughn, and it is said that street-artist Banksy painted an image of a child and a robot on the wall of the Grosvenor Hotel.