Valencia Yacht Base

Valencia Yacht Base - Valencia

Valencia Yacht Base

Longitude: 00° 19' 4" W

Latitude: 39° 25' 7" N

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A seductive mix of sophisticated city centres and secluded havens of ivory sand, set in stunning cerulean seas   view

Valencia Yacht Base (VYB), extension for superyachts of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia (RCNV), debuts on the international stage as a luxury nautical base. One-off in the Mediterranean for its size and technical specifications, VYB is one of the most avant-garde superyacht bases in the world and is geared towards those who don't want to limit the enjoyment of their yachts only to summer months.

Valencia underpins the range of services already offered by VYB, thanks to the impetus and investment in infrastructures which have catapulted it to one of the most advanced cities in Europe. It’s warm climate and gentle seas make Valencia the perfect year-round destination and certify VYB's candidature as the leading superyacht base in Southern Europe.

Valencia Yacht Base offers 236 berths for luxury yachts between 20 and 120 metres in length. Ten metres of draught guarantee the ease-of-access and optimum conditions for all clients.
The unique design of its concrete float walkways and fingers (Bellingham Marine Unifloat system) provides alongside access to yachts and the base is well-protected from wind, which optimises berthing all-year-round. Electricity is provided by individual bollards (400 – 600 amperes for super yachts).

In addition to the technical characteristics, the new base will offer a wide range of services geared towards providing maximum comfort for superyacht users and crew who berth at VYB, regardless of length of stay or season.