Velas Marina

Velas Marina - Sao Jorge

Velas Marina

Longitude: 28 12 10 W

Latitude: 38. 40 48 N

The recently completed Velas Marina, on the Island of Sao Jorge, offers unbeatable views of sheer cliff faces and rugged nature. The island stands beautifully defiant in the Atlantic as part of the Triangle Islands of the Azores. Only 22 miles from Horta and 11 miles from Pico the luscious Island offers spectacular panoramics of its neighbouring islands and their landscapes.

Island walks are not be missed on this stunning island. Sheer cliffs plunge into the sea and its stunning open landscapes offer the very best gentle hiking. One narrow path winds its way between pastures and copses to rise at the top of the Serra do Topo hills while another goes down to Faja de Santo Cristo, a rocky outcrop boasting a charmingly small and secluded lake next to the sea. One can also take the variety of small pathways that are still used by the local farmers that work the local ‘fajas’, taking dairy cattle to hillside pastures of fresh tender grass.

To go walking in Sao Jorge is to embark on a voyage of discovery. You'll find beautiful landscapes and white-washed villages that still support traditional crafts. Sao Jorge offers the peace and tranquillity of a truly unique island that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.