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Venice Yacht Pier

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Venice Yacht Pier is located on Venice main island in Italy. It comprises five separate berthing locations for yachts, each situated on the Canale della Guidecca along the south side of the island.

The berths of Riva San Biagio are in front of the naval museum at Arsenale, and a 10 minute walk from the world famous Piazza San Marco. The berths are alongside and occupy a 96 metre stretch of quay.

Riva dei Sette Martiri is situated between Arsenale and Giardini, close to Riva San Biago. The berths are alongside and occupy a 150 metre stretch of quay.

The berths of Punta della Salute are the most prestigious in Venice, sitting directly opposite the Piazza San Marco. Berths are on moorings posts (vessel do a four point moor) and extend over a length of 400 metres. Access is by dinghy or water taxi only.

Berths at San Basilio 24 are at Santa Marta in the W part of the city. Berths are alongside on a commercial quay over a length of 120 metres. Most yachts berth here to take on fuel and provisions, since it is the only berthing location with road access.

The berths of Adriatica are the newest location to come under the management of Venice Yacht Pier in the zone of Zattere. Berthing is alongside on a 110 metre stretch of quay.