Marmaris Luxury Yachting Guide

Once a sleepy fishing village, Marmaris is now the jewel of the Turkish Riviera. Gilt-edged by a dazzling bay and backed with a majestic range of peaks, picturesque Marmaris is home to one of the world’s largest natural harbours. Dotted with innumerable pristine beaches, Marmaris is a lush haven soaked in liquid rays of gold and brimming with vibrant culture

Famous for its cosmopolitan city centre and bustling harbour front, Marmaris lives up to the Turkish meaning of its name: shining. Traditional Turkish culture doesn’t slip too far beneath the slick surface with a buzzing bazaar being the premier destination for shopping and sight-seeing within city limits.

The rugged coastline holds untold opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists, just 10 kilometres from the heart of Marmaris are lush pine-covered mountains and deep, azure seas teeming with marine life. The dulcet Turkish days will slip past as you revel in this coastal gem: peruse the bazaar for trinkets, sample traditional cuisine then head to a cabaret at night. It’s a pulsing vibrant destination full of adventure and saturated by light.

Beautiful beaches abound in the area around Marmaris, Cleopatra Beach rightly being the Queen of them all. With an exquisite bone-white shell beach sinking beneath gentle crystalline waves of foaming turquoise, its no wonder that it is reputed to have been given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony as a wedding present. Iclemer beach is a children’s playground with its broad and gently sloping sand entrance to the tranquil waters; its golden hue and absence of crowds will score high with adults as well.

Outdoor activities are extensive in this fertile area: a glorious way to explore the heart of the pine forest is on horseback, though more intrepid travellers may want to hire a jeep to deeply penetrate the verdant wilderness. Mountain and quad bikes can be used throughout the region and there are plenty of challenging paths for more experienced riders. The rich bay waters as well as those off the rocky coastline are fecund with a diversity of native species and are a luminous backdrop for marine exploration at all levels and types of diving.



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