Menorca Luxury Yachting Guide

With 216 kilometers of coastline hiding caves and secluded stretches of sandy beach, exploring Menorca from the sea allows for a true experience of discovery. This is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where it is possible to have a beach all to your self, even in summer.

The second largest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca’s intriguing landscape and abundance of natural resources have made it a cherished haven for centuries. The most tranquil of the key Balearics, UNESCO declared it a biosphere reserve in 1993, helping to preserve its pristine environment, abundant wildlife and unique archaelogical sites.

Though it is known as the ‘windy island’, Menorca offers a placid lifestyle and a stunning, untouched coastline where numerous private beaches wait to be found. Due to strict environmental regulation, Menorca has escaped the intense development that its sister islands suffer from, and remains a place of calm and charm.

Ciudadela, the capital of Menorca until the English built up Port Mahón, is a place of both cultural and historical importance. Though not the most important Menorcan city, it is arguably the most interesting. Its old town is packed with churches and palaces, unchanged for 300 years, and set beneath beautiful Italian-style archways.

The coastline is a series of rocky inlets, with each inlet housing a secluded cove-style beach, perfect for exploration by sea. Ciudadela has a thriving night life as well as an array of activities for the day, including museums, shopping and a water park, all of which are sure to satisfy even the most particular traveler. The Puerto de Ciudadella offers over a hundred berths equipped to look after yachts up to 50m.

Port Mahón
Port Mahón, lying at the eastern end of the island, is widely considered the finest port in the Mediterranean. Built in the colonial English style and boasting the second deepest natural harbor in the world, the capital city of Menorca is a figurehead of Balearic culture, with many local products taking their names from it: mayonnaise being one, and queso de mahón, a popular island cheese, being another.

Puerto Mahón offers several hundred berths allowing yachts up to 50m to dock, and is a well-run facility equipped with able personnel. Though Port Mahón has no true beach, there are many cove-style beaches in the immediate area.

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