Morocco Luxury Yachting Guide

Like a pot of gold at the end of the European, Middle East and African rainbows, Morocco is an exotic land of romance and excitement. Characterised by its tantalizing spices and bustling bazaars, few know this fiery country also hides a bevy of luxurious resorts and elegant beach getaways behind its vibrant exterior.

Like its sand-filled deserts, the options in Morocco seem endless; from beachside vacations and city stays to mountain retreats and medieval market towns, this small country in Africa’s northwest is an embarrassment of riches.

Located in the northwest is the famous port capital of Casablanca (Dar-el-Beida). A far cry from the romantic movie-city of old, the modern Casablanca is centred around the lively Marche Central where all varieties of handicrafts and fresh foods lie in mounds of colour across the stalls. Radiating from this jovial site are museums filled with ancient treasures and the delightful shopping arcades of the seaside “old city”. The winds of the Atlantic and Mediterranean make for brilliant surfing and windsurfing conditions, especially in the nearby Essaouira where world famous international competitions are often held.

Further south, happening Agadir is an energetic beachfront city that caters perfectly for those looking for relaxed sun-filled days and late nights spent in thriving nightspots. The most modern of all Moroccan cities, Agadir is full of sun-drenched boulevards boasting open-air food stalls and belly dancing shows, lush parks, opulent hotel choices and hidden medinas.

Worth travelling inland for, the boisterous Marrakech is the Morocco of the imagination; where snake charmers, mounds of spices and hidden palaces can be found amongst the maze of winding alleys. Steamy hammams, artisans’ workshops and souks laden with unique treasures can also be found nestled just around the corner.

Morocco is a nation of contrasts where a short trip from a bustling city centre will bring you into local communities still entrenched in the traditions of old. The foothills of the Atlas Mountains are a haven for spiritual tranquillity, while the coastal cities of Tangier and Rabat are bursting with hedonistic opportunities backed by the endless horizon of the Sahara that dominates the southern region.

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