Mozambique Luxury Yachting Guide

The hedonistic Mozambique is more like an idealistic island escape than a mainland sliver on the south east coast of Africa. With golden beaches fringed by tropical palms, world-class diving and fishing, and a unique culture, this vibrant country shines with more than gorgeous weather.

A cultural collage of language, dance, music and art, Mozambique is a country whose differences only amplify its beauty. Don’t be fooled by the rustic façade of this coastal treasure, as behind the rough buildings and scent of salty sea air is a multitude of friendly locals and an overwhelming dose of beautiful scenery and first-class resorts.

Here, lucky travellers will discover over 2000 kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline protecting an enticing interior of exquisitely fresh seafood, staggering scenery and exotic wildlife. Sprinkled with a tempting share of island oases and coastal resorts, Mozambique is a favoured playground of South African holidaymakers and in-the-know international jet-setters. Rustic beach bars serve up ice-cold bottles of local beer, while the upmarket boho-chic hotels are the epitome of modern luxury.

The capital, Maputo, is as vibrant and cosmopolitan as you will find in Mozambique, boasting colourful markets, luscious gardens and several museums from its wonderful spot on a sheltered bay in the country’s south. Further north, Inhambane is often called the whale shark and manta ray capital of the world and proudly holds a position as one of Mozambique's most beautiful regions, with its wide baches and dense mangrove forests sheltering everything from monkeys to parrots.

Quirimbas Archipelago
Away from the mainland are the 27 islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, forming one of the world’s most unexplored stretches of brilliant coastline, slowly emerging as a true yachting destination. Blessed with the atmosphere of secrecy and seclusion, the separate islands are a spectacular portrait of powdery beaches, tropical waters and fascinating marine life. Littered with hidden coves, deserted atolls and quiet bays, cruising this little-known island group is a real escapist’s dream.

Bazaruto Archipelago
The stunning Bazaruto Archipelago also offers a number of exclusive beach lodges offering indulgent barefoot luxury alongside gentle beaches and coral lagoons. Divers the world over fly to this African gem to explore the clear waters in search of turtles, giant clams and computer-sized crabs.

Taking your yacht further off the coastline brings excellent fishing spots for reeling in tuna and fantastic opportunities to spot humpback whales, dolphins and sharks. A paradise for nature lovers, sun-worshippers and water sports enthusiasts alike, this wonderful string of islands will not remain secret for long.



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