91m Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker’s design concept draws on the two traditionally opposing requirements of exploration and connectivity. Blending a rugged expedition-style profile with avant-garde use of glass, Stormbreaker is at home in any seas. Also available in 115m, this is a concept which challenges pre-supposed notions of superyacht design and dares to be truly different.

Just a few of the remarkable features onboard Stormbreaker include a Panoramic 360 imaging system to record and broadcast, an interactive infotainment system and ‘Best In Class’ performance from CAT Audio. Her cutting-edge communication system provides high levels of internet bandwidth even in the most remote locations in the world. Designer Theodoros Fotiadis explains that this is an intentional implementation in line with the requirements of the modern-day entrepreneur off-shore, and indeed the shifting setting of the workplace in the new world.

Those interested in building Stormbreaker in 91m or 115m should get in touch with SuperyachtsMonaco.