B0nd Girl

Team of designers, Hannah Hombergen (interior design) and George Lucian (exterior design) are presenting their latest yacht concept MY B0nd Girl, a striking 70 meters trimaran with extremely powerful design lines and stealth appearance. The two side floats of the yacht ensure a high degree of stability and create an artificial safe harbor, where a chase vessel can be comfortably docked. The main hull of the yacht offers all the amenities a 70+ meters yacht offers including an extensive master bedroom on two levels with movies inspired interior design and folding balcony. The two side floats of the trimaran are designed to host crew quarters, and machinery as well, allowing for more living space in the main hull and reducing the level of vibration and noise. Whether you are the good guy or the villain, this super yacht will perfectly fit for your next mission. The design team, Hannah and George already launched a very successful design in 2020 called “The Vertical Yacht”, a skyscraper proposal for New York City.