Benetti Now Fast 164

The Benetti Now FAST designs join Benetti Now, custom superyachts over 50 meters, built from steel and aluminium.

The Benetti Now FAST superyachts stand out for having the same volume as displacement models of similar length, but with 30% more speedOn the performance front, Mulder Design (a well-known name in the sector for its extensive hull design know-how) has created a hull that retains the space and comfort of a displacement yacht, while offering 30% better performance, as well as maintaining stability and reducing noise and vibration, partly as a result of the choice of a steel hull for the bigger models.

Faster cruising speeds translate into significantly shorter journey times, which is highly appreciated and sought-after by today’s owners.Another point of strength of the hull in Benetti Now FAST designs is its significantly reduced draught compared with displacement superyachts, while maintaining excellent navigation parameters.

The optimisation work on the Benetti Now FAST hull is based primarily on research in three key areas: structure, strength and stability. The result of this approach is comfort, high speed, improved safety and reliability, and also reduced consumption.