B+V 111m Vintage

In a history of more than 130 years Blohm + Voss has built well-known Yachts in finest yacht building quality including legends such as MY Savarona. B+V 111 MY/ Vintage links classical hull lines of yachts of the 1930’s with state of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques. The harmonic outer appearance is marked by traditional sheer and continuing deck,connecting the bow-sprit with the classical shaped cruiser stern. Characteristic rudimentary features of an important epoch of yacht design are also the backwards leaned funnels and the sideways arranged air intakes, while the bulbous bridge wings and the forward deck hoods implement modern design elements.

 The yacht provides a helicopter landing deck, 2 large tender bays and 2 on deck spaces for classical, davit-launched picnic tenders. This arrangement allows for a very comfortable transfer for Owner and Guests.

A special design feature is a viewing platform located up in the aft mast to enjoy a stunning outlook over the yacht and the surrounding scenery. Access to the platform is via a glazed elevator that allows guests to reach the platform in a very comfortable and safe way from various decks.

The very spacious exterior deck areas, a swimming pool with glazed side panels and a large beach club in the aft offer various possibilities for all kind of water sports. Sea access is either from the sideways beach club platforms or the aft stern ramp.

One entire deck (deck 5) is dedicated to the Owner’s large residential suite in the forward part which includes a large bedroom, his and her bathroom and respective dressing areas as well as a private dining room and a private gym. The impressive Owner’s lounge, facing towards aft, has a direct access to the open pool area.

One deck below (Main Deck/deck 4), up to 12 Guests can be accommodated in 4 luxury and 2 VIP guests cabins. Walking through a gallery space the guests reach an indoor dining area that has a lounge area in the aft and connects to a shady aft deck for al fresco dining including bar and sitting area.

In order to assure efficient and discreet guest services, Owner and Guests spaces have been carefully separated from the crew service flow insuring minimum disturbance.

Crew cabins for 25 crew members are located on the Boat Deck (deck 3) including the crew mess. Crew boarding can be done independently from Owner and Guests through a dedicated crew entrance on the same deck. Galley and provision storage are on the same deck allowing for easy access and provisioning. The same applies to the separate access to the beach club so that preparation and set up work of the beach club and water sports equipment can be done without disturbance to the Owner and his Guests.

The yacht has been designed for comfortable and reliable worldwide cruising in a contemporary interpretation on the style of the early yachts of the 1930’s.

Needless to say modern technologies and up to date diesel-mechanical propulsion system, a fuel capacity for 4.000nm at 14kn service speed and retractable fin stabilizers will assure today’s expected service and comfort levels.