Claydon Reeves has created the Chuan concept with BMT Nigel Gee to showcase the progressive nature of yacht design.

Every aspect of the yacht has been re-evaluated with an emphasis placed upon operational economy and efficiency along with unique internal and external spaces. The extreme semi-swath (XSS) hull design and layout reduces fuel consumption and allows a maximum speed of 21 knots combined with excellent stability.

Great emphasis has been placed upon referencing classical Asian architecture and traditions without generic Western misinterpretation. The layout can be adjusted to function as either an impressive social space or a more intimate family-based environment with a massive full beam master cabin forward on the main deck. Large sections of glass in the main deck floor allow occupants a unique view between the hulls particularly when lit up at night. Throughout the yacht there are spaces of surprising volume be it the expansive foredeck or the huge open plan galley and dining area. A fold-out beach area and dive club unfolds at water level, bridging the space between the two hulls between and creating an unprecedented width of over 15m.