The aim of the team was to design a turn-key project, for a client with a flavour for adventure and exploration.

The new yacht (codenamed Cosmos) was to feature a drive-in stern dock for a 37ft limousine tender which is further flanked by twin 30ft ribs and three jet skis. Moving forward through a glass hallway, visitors pass by one of the yacht’s unusual features; a moon pool or ‘wet porch’ that allow divers to safely leave and return to the vessel without being exposed to the outside elements. This is also a feature borrowed from oil industry drill ships.

On the main deck, above the garage, a helicopter pad large enough to land an Agusta A109 resides, along with a full hangar into which the aircraft is moved forward horizontally for storage. Due to the beam of over 15m two VIP suites are placed outboard, on either side of the hanger. Both cabins have commanding views of the passing seascapes through their near double height glass walls and private balconies.

Throughout the yacht, great emphasis has been placed on the creation of spaces of unusual scale and intrigue. When walking along the side decks, the superstructure is facetted to visually deconstruct its not inconsiderable volume, while additionally creating generous side decks and interesting external spaces. The surfacing is simple, flat steel and glass that can be produced and maintained by a commercial ship yard. By embracing this simplified construction method the yacht remains true to its origins albeit in a totally reconsidered aesthetic.

It is the sundeck that best demonstrates the truly unique features of this yacht. Access to this huge outdoor area is reached though the large entrance foyer that subdivides the front and rear sections of the boat. Looking sternward, the viewer is faced with an enticing glass ended pool, with swim up bar and waterfall feature. The massive pool steps up in depth to accommodate the helicopter hangar below whilst still providing a clear nine-metre swimming length. Large side decks become wider as you travel along the length of the pool, leading you to the seating and dining area. The balcony at the end of the sundeck provides a commanding eye level view of all helicopter flights, retractable glass screens shielding the deck during takeoff and landing.

Above and aft of the sundeck a further unconventional structure looms. With a 360 degree view, the heli bar is the perfect place to view the passing world. Contained within the floor to ceiling glass turret, one finds another bar and seating area. The twin balconies that flank the structure provide ample shade for the seating area below.

For those with a true head for heights there is an additional outdoor viewing platform above the owner’s private observatory. This is the tallest point on the yacht and an excellent place to view all manner of natural and man-made marvels as the yacht cruises remote locations.

While Cosmos has its origins in commercial shipping the converted yacht can be outfitted to any standard an owner specifies. Crew areas are capacious and simply decorated whilst the guest and owner’s areas are far better appointed. The Cosmos concept shows that by choosing an existing commercial vessel for conversion, great gains can be achieved. The spaces that are created and the increased functionality combine to provide a yacht of unique character and style.