Project Cosmos is the game changing 90m concept born from a collaboration between two industry greats, Oceanco shipyard and Luiz de Basto Designs. The superyacht is distinguished by a large glass dome covering the upper deck, as well as a sophisticated and streamlined profile.

 Project Cosmos was born from the desire to create a superyacht which harmonises the two values of being completely in touch with and enjoying your surroundings, while remaining in a protected and controlled, luxury environment. The glass dome may look simple and clean, but is in fact extremely complex and intricate. 

De Basto Designs commented that the glass dome and its luxurious space provides 'an interesting tension between being dangerous and being safe', straddling the lines of daring while remaining totally in control. In this way the project is symbolic of the often contradictory themes of the universe, hence its galactic name. 

Cosmos is graced with a large, empty space on the top deck, creating a totally unique and open plan layout unlike any other seen on a superyacht of this size. The dynamic dome floats optically above the hull to great visual effect. The glass dome can also be dimmed or coloured to reflect a specific mood, and is in this way an extension of the belief that a superyacht is indeed a true representation of an owner's character and personality. 

Despite the clean curvature of Cosmos, the forward moving angles of the structure give it an otherworldly and progressive profile. This is the superyacht of the future, and awaits a progressive owner to bring it forward and to life.