Estrela do Mar

Visually light yet structurally strong and sustainable, glass has long been favoured by architects as a means of opening a building to its environment while protecting its inhabitants from the elements. There seems little reason then why design studio Tony Castro could not explore the material’s many applications, treatments and finishes to create a yacht that brings its guests that one step closer to nature.

 Conceived as a world expedition yacht, the 68 metre Estrela do Mar is a striking design that strives to maintain a relationship between inside and outside, to galvanise passengers to watch the power and beauty of nature while cosseted in a bespoke and uber-luxe interior.

The open spaces, pool decks and panoramic views with floor-to-ceiling glass aperture offers an opportunity to infuse the yacht's fluidity in a way that no other material can. Glass is also a sustainable, fully recyclable material which provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources. This concept is exemplary in its contribution to being more eco-conscious.

This 68 metre design can be powered by a diesel-electric propulsion system for high latitudes sailing. She can also have an “ice class” enabling this spectacular superyacht to explore the four corners of the world.

A beach club is packed with clever technological features including touch button, hinge-out balconies on the topsides, along with a discreet tender garage to house two nine-metre tenders and a cohort of water toys. The space is also home to a three square metre moonpool as well as a discreet submarine launch for owners looking to experience the underwater world like never before, with room for up to three passengers and a depth limit of 1000 metres below the surface. A private balcony attached to the owner's dedicated villa offers another seamless transition to the outside as well as superb views. The penthouse also includes a gymnasium and private cinema.

The cherry on top is a sophisticated 150 square metre sundeck flanked with sun loungers and complete with a bar - a superb spot to soak up the sun. Even the centrepiece, a nine-metre swimming pool, features a glass portion, offering a window to the surrounding seascape when underwater.

The gangways alongside the glass panelled pool, on the lower deck, have room to house a hybrid electric off-road vehicle to aid expeditions, or a car or snow/jet skis, depending on your adventures. These are easily lifted in and out of the superyacht with overhead sliding gantries.

Estrela do Mar also hosts a unique helicopter hanger solution. On the bridge deck, a concertina awning provides covered stowage for a Eurocopter EC 135 when underway, without the need for a fixed garage.

The Estrela do Mar has a six-cabin layout comfortably accommodating 12 guests while crew quarters provide facilities for up to 23 staff.