For this concept we decided to put aside the crisis for a while, together with any self imposed limitation. We decided to play with speed, and with the know how developed by Fincantieri in building fast vessels.

This know how started from another dream came true, the Blue Ribbon Winner Destriero in 1991, and lead to the construction of many fast ferries over 140m in length.
We wanted a futuristic design to match the spirit of the project, and we recognized in Mr. Ken Freivokh the right inspiration. The results of this collaboration is a n astonishing 145m Yacht, capable of over 35 knots.

“Fortissimo is a super yacht designed with total flexibility in mind. Essential parts of the superstructure rely on a tremendously rigid spaceframe system which allows large span openings without the need for fashion plates which would prevent full panoramic views.
The design concept acknowledges the tremendous power of the turbine installation, and integrates such powerplant as an integral part of the total design. The accommodation remains generous for such a sleek yacht, whilst the owners can enjoy travelling at high speed
to reach their destination unusually quickly”. Ken Freivokh