Iris 75

Eramotive presents a trio of bold Solar Hybrid Multi-Hull Superyachts, platforms offered in lengths of 45 meters (Three Deck), 75 meters (Five deck), and 125 meters (Seven Deck).

The elliptical shape was chosen for its timeless appeal, as well as its allowance for much more voluminous interior spaces. A vast range of customizable interior possibilities open up for each individual owner. From a private leisure yacht, home on water to a vessel for scientific expeditions, a floating convention center, an entertainment venue or even as a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel.

The exterior surface areas were kept in mind to allow maximum photovoltaic coverage, while maintaining wide angle views from within. The photovoltaic coverage wrapping the exterior are also revealed as retractable awnings on the top decks. The Iris Series is offered in full or semi photovoltaic coverage.


• Owner’s private quarters features a 270 degree ocean view with a personal pool deck.
• Retractable awnings on top two decks.
• An open two-tiered salon layout featuring array of sliding glass panels on both sides of the structure which open the interior and fully expose an outside deck.
• Art gallery vault, cinema for 20 guests, grand dining, forum, library, guest accommodations include VIP suites with saunas, swimming pool.
• A hydroponic garden for true self-sufficiency at sea.
• Beach club with transparent roof deck, tender garage with bamboo drop doors are also among the many possibilities available.

The Iris Series is designed to change your perception of what a yacht can be, whether you are looking from the outside or from within.