Mondomarine Classic 50

The new all-aluminium “Classic” line is intended as a revisited version of the distinctive style of the historic Mondomarine shipyard, part of Palumbo Superyachts from last autumn.

Though remaining true to the distinctive Italian tradition, the new styling adds something different: it bestows a marked contrast between sharp edges and sinuous lines, soft and pronounced curves, empty and full angles, reaching an overall balanced, coherent and elegant look.
Various aesthetic details and engravings are added both on the hull and on the superstructure, which when struck by the sun create a play of light and shadows that enrich the whole appearance of the boat.
These elements recall the design typical of classic Italian cars always very inspirational for Luca Dini who, on this occasion, has drawn from the Ferrari and Lamborghini Gran Turismo models.
The Classic 50 metres can accommodate 10 people in four comfortable cabins located on the lower deck and in a spacious owner’s cabin on the main deck with two private balconies. The crew area is designed to house 10 people.