MoonSet is one of the most radical LOMOcean Design proposals to date, the148 metre trimaran mega-yacht MoonSet is no ordinary yacht the design is based on the current World Circumnavigation record holder Earthrace by LOMOcean Design.

Capable at crossing the Atlantic at 40 knots without a spill from your wine glass, MoonSet is equally in her zone being elegant enough to draw the inherent attention in any secluded bay at supper. With owners suite spanning three decks and enough space for 28 guests, there is plenty of room to relax and socialise at any occasion.

Entry Lobby or Galleria
The upper level shows the entry lobby to the owners suite it offers an interface between the owners private quarter and visitors and can serve as a meeting or conferencing space, a lounge, an art gallery or library.

The floor area of the entry lobby is approximately 84 square metres.
There entry options from both forward and aft ends of this room at the forward end, a large glass wall and flanking entry doors can be left transparent or can be electrically transformed to opaque when privacy is required.

Passageways run along each side of this entry lobby and grant access to VIP and guest quarters forward of the owners suite to and from the lounges and other, more public areas of the yacht.

A grand, spiralling stair case sweeps down from the entry lobby into the owners private lounge.

Private Lounge
The private lounge offers the owner a day living space that is completely isolated from the public areas of the yacht, yet remains close to quarters for extended family, security staff and a galley dedicated to the owner and extended family.

The private lounge occupies approximately 145 square metres of plan area, supplemented by adjacent bathroom and a 20 square metre private office or library.

The private lounge includes bar facilities, a dining area, TV viewing, sofas and lounge chairs.

Occupying the full beam of the yacht, this space could include large picture windows (not shown) and could also offer innovative features such as fold out balconies.

A stair way at the aft port corner of the private lounge leads down to the bedroom lobby on the lowest level, although the bedroom is also accessible via the owners elevator.

Owners Bedroom
The bedroom lobby leads either to the private lounge above, to the tender dock aft or to the owners bedroom. The lobby includes a discreet refreshment station with kitchenette for the preparation of snacks, hot drinks etc.

The space is arranged symmetrically about centreline, offering a suite that occupies the full beam of the boat at this point of approximately 12m, with a floor plan of around 90 square metres.

His and hers walk in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms are located to port and starboard; the berth, a large shower stall and a Jacuzzi bath are set on vessel centreline.