Oceanco, in affiliation with Van Geest Design, has developed a distinctive, innovative and artful project known as Moonstone. The defining difference between Moonstone and all other yachts is her uniquely conceived faceted hull sides.

The elegant lines and faceted hull suggest a hypnotic glamour, just as one sees in the multiple surfaces of a finely cut precious stone.

The multi-angled surface shapes of the hull sides reflect the water and play off sunlight. The unique ‘twinkle effect’ provides a visual link from Moonstone to the sky and the sea. This striking ‘facet’ motif repeats in many other areas of the yacht and is used in conjunction with special lighting effects.

In addition to working with these exceptional design components and lighting techniques, Oceanco is engineering the 90-meter Moonstone to be PYCcompliant and capable of accommodating considerably more than 12 guests.