Nauta 105' Streamline

STREAMLINE: a new exterior styling by Nauta Yacht Design

To mark the occasion of Nauta Yachts’ 20th anniversary, Nauta Yacht Design made a concept study of a 44 mt. sailing yacht whose exterior lines were particularly smooth, harmonious and appealing.

The project was published in Nauta’s anniversary brochure and was circulated to a select list of clients. Interest and appreciation were immediate especially amongst clients who were looking for stylistic innovations for their future yachts.

A short while later a client requested a project where the particularly smooth, flowing lines and shapes used in the 44 mt concept study, called STREAMLINE, were adapted for a 105’ sailing yacht. Nauta Yacht Design prepared preliminary plans for this new project both in 2D and 3D.

In both projects the superstructure profile is a subtle, seamless “wave” that moves freely from the helm stations to the mast. The coachroof is thought as a main glass rounded wedge laterally covered by non transparent composite coamings aft that gradually widen to forward to support a rounded glass wedge that is the covering for the light-flooded interior.

Several studies were made to see which structural solutions would best support this large glass surface. In the end a series of lateral “beams” that run from starboard to port was chosen for its clean and orderly visual effect when viewed from the main saloon.

From a functional point of view, the new deck design has a single level from the aft cockpit and helm station to the main companionway. This facilitates movement and communication while allowing for a continuous outdoor living area that extends from the lounging/sunbathing area aft to the formal cockpit dining area amidships.