Nauta 110' Racer Cruiser

Nauta Yacht Design was recently entrusted a very interesting project, a 110’ racer-cruiser.

The brief was very challenging : super light displacement, highly appealing look (both outside and under deck), the yacht’s lines should be very aggressive and raise a general feeling of seduction in her Owner. The Owner asked for an extremely simple and clean deck design, easy handling manoeuvres, and for high level comfort when the yacht is in cruising configuration.
The latest generation hull design features the max. beam kept almost all the way to the stern, providing exceptional interior volume aft.

With a very light displacement (65 tons), the yacht is actually a thoroughbred racer, yet boasting all the comforts of a real cruiser, was conceived for standing out in the racing circuit and the interiors are therefore thought for being as light as possible: the hull and deck construction is in carbon pre-preg on a corecell core, the same composite material is used for the interior furniture (externally covered with a thin veneer), where many parts are structural theirselves.

The sailpaln boasts a 360 m2 square top mainsail, for a total of 630 m2 sail area (close hauled), balanced by a 6.5 mt. keel which can be reduced to 4.5 mt. thanks to a hi-tech lifting system.

The exterior style is very modern and essential. The most significant design feature is the intermediate height bulwark, which provides the guests and the crew with a seat for the whole length of the sheer, very useful for social life (the single rail can be used as a back rest thus improving the social areas on deck) .

Nauta succeeded in keeping the free boards quite low and sleek, despite having the bulwark, by working meticulously on the interiors. The freeing ports in the bulwark beside adding visibility for the guests seating in the cockpit, are a powerful design feature, adding character and strength to the yacht’s look.

The deck is very clean in general, with all the manoeuvres which can be handled directly from the aft cockpit, except for some halyards which are at the mast base, thus creating a complete separation between crew and guests’ areas on deck , for the better privacy of the latters.

The aft cockpit is dedicated to the Owner, allowing him to have a direct and private sight and access to the sea, through a very secluded, dedicated cockpit where resting in the deepest privacy and calm (and beeing protected from the wind whilst moored at anchor).

Further contact with the sea in the aft area is granted by the large opening transom, which can be used also as a “beach club” area, low on the sea water.

The social area is completed by a stunning sunbathing, aft of the guests’ cockpit, which is particularly large. The main sheet is operated through a captive winch positioned under deck, and is therefore hidden, for the further deck neatness.
Many of the running manoeuvres are operated hydraulically, thus keeping a manual back-up (4 winches in the aft cockpit area, plus 2 at the mast base).

Under deck, the very large beam (the maximum beam gets steady almost to the stern) has allowed Nauta to fit a fantastic Owner’s suite with double bed, with direct access on the aft cockpit, and a proper storage for a 4 mt. tender. The interior layout features the same separation as on the deck: crew quarters are located forward and boast three cabins, a large crew mess and the galley, while the guest quarters are completed by a very large saloon and three more ensuite cabins, all built in light weight composite material, wooden veneered and very modern styled.