Nauta 72m Edge

Sleek, proportioned, balanced volumes in the Nauta “light” vision, to reinterpret a 140-year history of the Italian shipyard

“Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” - Oscar Wilde

In 2012 Nauta took part to Benetti’s Design Innovation, a design contest to develop new concepts for Benetti’s custom yachts from 50m-90m (164ft-295ft)-plus. The program approached the best designers in the world to gauge their interest in working together. Benetti left styling and interior arrangements up to each creative team to fashion as they wished, as long as the designs were based on the builder’s existing platform range from 50 meters to 90 meters (164 feet to 295 feet respectively) and have set beams and gross-tonnage levels.

Nauta Yachts chose the 70-metre platform, a size that after the experience of Light 80 and Light 90, respectively 80 and 90 metres, and the largest yacht in the world Project Azzam, 180 metres, delivered by Lürssen in 2014, could be considered “medium-small”.

After three years the project is free of restriction and is proposed by Nauta Yachts with the name of Nauta Edge 72.
Actually it is a size large enough to develop all the concepts that were instilled in the two slightly larger Light projects: extraordinary outdoor spaces, breath-taking views from both inside and out, balance and cleanliness of lines, seamless inside/outside connection and harmony.

The blending of these key elements combines elegance and visual lightness that is the essence of the Nauta Yachts style.
From the aft main deck, a spiral staircase leads to the Beach Club on the lower deck. Here the owner and his guests can enjoy 55 sq. m. of open teak deck then go into the impressive 125 sq. m. enclosed Sea Lounge for a drink or snack. The Sea Lounge can become a true disco club or a dancing floor extended over the water. Just forward of the Beach Club a large wellness and fitness area is equipped with hammam, sauna, gym, and massage and relaxation area with a beauty parlour.

The opening transom has folding stairs for easy access to the water, and two side-opening terraces further enhance the contact with the sea and the environment.

This huge and comfortable use of the vast aft area has made possible thanks to the movement of the garage amid ship, where are located two 30’ footer tenders, which can be launched through a starboard side door, with the help of a sliding crane.
Two convenient boarding lobbies are positioned amidships to port and starboard, just forward the garage door, where guests and crew can board tenders without disturbing the guest bathing area aft.

On the upper deck there is the ample owner’s suite that forward the sleeping room has an observation lounge, sweeping 270º forward view through no less than 20 sq. m. of glass. The suite opens directly to the private 105 sq. m. terrace with a deck the pool on the fore deck, the very private wellness area reserved to the owner, well protected by the high bulwark and in a secluded part of the yacht.

Aft on the upper deck, panoramic outdoor and indoor lounges allow breath-taking views over the seascape and offer more intimate spaces for meetings and conversation.

The pilothouse on the bridge deck guarantees that the Captain has the best visibility.

All paths of work on board and their ergonomics are carefully studied so that guests and crew have reciprocal privacy, with separate and independent areas that respect the differences in use that they will make of spaces aboard. Also boarding from tenders, the crew can use the efficient boarding lobby located on port side of the staircase trunk on the lower deck.

The effort of Nauta Yachts has been to match also in this size its own conception of a megayacht with the enlightened relationship between exterior and interior, and its “light” philosophy in the double meaning of lightness and brightness.
The architectural element we found is the central leaned forward sort of fashion plate, dividing the wide-bodied volume of the front half hull on the main deck, from the aft half. This element is continuing on the upper deck edge, forming the wing dashboard for the helm station, and underlining this inclined line that cut into two ideal parts the yacht, once again making “lighter” the view of a four-decker yacht.

Nauta Edge 72 is a yacht that meets and exceeds the expectations for beauty, comfort and efficiency of today’s superyacht owner not by imposing itself of the surrounding environment, but by blending into it and enveloping owners and guests in the beauty and serenity that they have sought out. Avoiding to overflow to an extreme design, Nauta Edge 72 consolidates a balanced mix of measures and proportions. The overlapping of flat planes in a sort of pyramidal superposition, as in a ziggurat, has helped to maintain a light line, which is sleek and stable.

The Nauta Edge 72 interior styling has been developed in co-operation with Standby/Marijana Radovic studio that has interpreted the spirit and the “light” philosophy of Nauta Yachts by creating a space which is open to light and outside environment. Marijana’s aim was to design an elegant and sophisticated interior, but maintaining at the same time the elements of simplicity.

The interior has been segmented by an innovative use of sliding panels to create flexible spaces, which are easily adaptable to different needs and moods. These divisions are designed and structured to give a feeling of intimacy without excessively fragmenting the space and sacrificing the luxury of space.

The light comes into the interior from all sides by using reflective materials and their combinations and prisms, making natural light a dominant element of the interior. The light is then moderated by special delicate textile roller blinds, fitted to all windows.
The choice of materials is focused on natural, untreated wood and pleasant fabrics with leather details. The primary colours are neutral beige and brown with teal blue accenting, which acts as a reminder of the outside environment and further reinforces the connection between interior and exterior spaces. The decoration is further accented with custom paintwork on moving panels, which create a feel of sophistication. Nature is moreover invited into the interior by using enclosed plants in a sort of "indoor garden" with prisms on top, which channel natural light to them.

A combination of curves and straight lines is used to seamlessly blend the exterior and interior parts of the beach club. This significantly contributes to the overall connection between the yacht's interior and her immediate outside environment. Guests can therefore enjoy the comfort and amenities of a superyacht always being connected with the sea. On top of the beach club's indoor garden is the main deck swimming pool, which looks like a moving sky, while swimmers have the impression of being suspended in space.

The master cabin showcases the use of geometric shapes and symmetric proportions to segment space in order to create a functional and transformable layout. A modern interpretation of the canopy, simple moving panels, is used to form different space zones thereby avoiding rigid divisions and excessive fragmentation of space. Only light "Japanese style" moving panels transform the master cabin layout in two easy steps, which result in either a very large open space, or in more private separate areas. But even when the different space zones are divided and exist separately, can intimately communicate. By just moving the panels in front of the bed to the side, the Owner can enjoy a full panoramic view from his bed and directly feel the outside environment.

This interior exemplifies Standby/ Marijana Radovic 's design philosophy and approach to the use of space: clean from unnecessary and irrelevant details, where the atmosphere is flexibly set by the guests who become the creators of their space, open to the exterior and nature and closer to sea.

The intrinsic feature of Nauta Edge 72 is her capability to hallmark a new style while maintaining the identity of the brand marks, creating the emotional feelings of an extreme contemporary sophistication.