Project 0902 Classic Tug

In 2009 Werner was involved in the conversion of a large salvage / patrol vessel built in 1967 in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Extending the forecastle further aft, adding bulwarks and a Portuguese bridge and restyling the superstructure, completely changed the whole appearance of the vessel, turning it into a rather elegant classic explorer vessel. In the meantime extra volume was added to the interior, something that the original vessel was lacking. The lay out has been planned in such a manner, that all spaces for owner, guests, skipper and crew are situated on separate decks. The project has always inspired Werner ever since. And in 2013 the project was picked up again as a starting point for a concept. How would the design look like if the designer was not restricted by the original vessel? Restyling the stern, altering the rake of the bow, adding height to the vessel’s free board and tweaking the superstructure gave the design its current appearance.