The 55m Quartz concept is a fine illustration of Luiz De Basto's masterful use and manipulation of glass to create something totally new and unprecedented.

In developing this concept, the designer had to take some established ideas about how a yacht typically looks and challenge them, creating something totally outside the box for a 55m superyacht. Quartz combines a luxurious and exclusive yachting experience with ultimate connectivity to the sea, a super progressive notion in comparison to the contained and withdrawn spaces preceding the design. 

De Basto constructed floor to ceiling outside walls on Quartz taking inspiration from modern skyscraper and penthouse residences with total use of glass. This allowed for a high level of volume on the upper deck, and was totally ahead of its time. A pavilion like shape is formed on Quartz, suspended from the deck to provide a wave breaker for the front. Side glasses are mounted on tracks and coupled with hand rails to provide private balconies. The aft deck can then be completely open, or closed for protection on a windy day. 

“I was interested in exploring the relationship between the hull and superstructure and avoid the generic look we see in so many yachts today," comments Luiz de Basto.