Soraya 70

This 70m full displacement superyacht is a visionary example of the future of luxury yacht design; optimized to minimize noise, vibration and fuel consumption to create the ideal luxury cruise environment.

The Soraya 70 is a four deck superyacht which features a distinctive full height glass window structure, split over two decks, revealing stunning views of the ocean and allowing light to flood across her decks. Besides providing a naturally spacious and airy feel across the yacht, her full height windows offer over three metres of headroom onboard.

She also holds a separate, private owners deck area which has its own outdoor terrace and spacious living area which is carefully designed for much more than just comfortable living, offering an amazing view of the ocean in complete comfort.

Along side the expertly designed owner’s area; Soraya 70 also features two VIP suites on different decks to offer maximum space alongside cabins of varied styles and layouts for numerous guests.

One of her most stunning design elements is her six metre infinity pool located at the stern which creates the illusion of water flowing seamlessly into the ocean. A feature of pure beauty and luxury, her infinity pool also boasts slatted steps that lead down from her deep and alluring water to a spacious folding swim platform when opened.

For exclusive and discreet transport to the yacht, a ten metre wide helipad for safe and comfortable landing is positioned at the bow, preserving the abundance of deck space dedicated to guests.

One of the most interesting technical features of the Soraya 70 is the IP-integrated Bridge and SICCS cabin integrated control systems, providing the ability to control the superyacht through a network based system anywhere on the yacht.

The positives of this feature, apart from easy access from around the vessel for the owner, is the safety feature from which land-based engineers can observe the yachts performance and pre-empt any issues that may occur whilst at sea and allow the vessels engineers to attend to the issue before it happens.

The Soraya 70 is capable of achieving 16.5 knots top speed, applying her state-of-the-art naval architecture and engineering to combine speed and complete unaffected comfort.