Sunset Heaven

Christopher Seymour has released his 2nd concept design, Sunset Heaven. At 96.77m, Sunset Heaven has been designed with traditional lines, beautiful timber features and boasting modern styling which in turn produces a beautiful modern classic.

Sunset heaven with her innovative styling, helps to produce a more efficient hull thanks to her plum bow, this extends the waterline length which in turn improves the displacement/length ratio. There is a superfine entry for less resistance, spray chine to minimise wetted surface area and manages to create small amounts of lift. The anchors themselves are even hidden to help improve water and air flow across the surface of the hull. Diesel-electric propulsion together with pod-drive units helps to increase her overall efficiency & long range distance.

Sunset Heaven comes complete with plenty of toys; towards the stern will accommodate the 2 main tenders as well as one RIB providing all the fun and games of tubing, wake boarding, skiing, etc. In the back garage there will be space for a whopping three jet skis, underwater scooters, and with the equipment needed to have a great snorkel and diving experience. 2 small sailing dinghies will also be available in the tender garage. The 2nd tender will be custom designed by Christopher Seymour himself with similar styling to Sunset Heaven.