Tuhura’s fluid, organic form evokes the dugout canoes used by the pioneers who first explored our oceans. It is named after the Maori verb ‘to discover or explore’, as an homage to these brave voyagers.

Igor Lobanov conceived the sinuous hull with horizontal windows that are cleverly disguised by advanced glass technology. Its design could be adapted to any size from 80m to 120m.

Tuhura’s interior draws inspiration from East Asia and the Pacific, with sculptural shapes and cocoon-like spaces that flow without corridors. With an emphasis on elegance, volumes and space rather than ‘luxury’ materials, it is conceived as ‘a big brushed teak box’ with thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze, and tatami floors.

The simplicity of the canoe hullform is efficient with low resistance, but does not easily integrate with modern propeller systems; Lateral found a smart solution in a hybrid contra rotating propeller system.