Ultraluxum CXL

The CXL is the fi rst sailing trimaran of this size to be equipped with folding hull beams. The overall width is going from 23m in sailing confi guration to 11m in harbour confi guration. No anymore problems of room in harbour and still the pleasure of no heeling sailing.

The CXL is a three decks sloop rigged trimaran whose design exceeds present superyacht standards. Equipped with all the amenities of a motor yacht with the performance and sensations of a fast sailing yacht, she is capable of exceptional speeds Under power as well as high speed long range cruising.

Her stability is such that at anchor there is little rolling and underway heeling has been kept to a minimum even in rough conditions, due to the designs of the trimaran’s long narrow hulls. Their shallow draft enables anchoring and accessible cruising close to shore and in shallow waters. Likewise, the CXL offers a unique system to reduce her beam in order to enable docking in most marinas. 

The CXL, with a length of 48m, a deployed beam of 22m, a mast measuring 55m in height and an overall weight of 90 tons, is an outstanding yacht in every respect and one of the most refined and beautifully appointed sailing vessels.

The yacht is ecofriendly studied with the use of last technology solar panels in conjunction with the last generation of batteries. In addition, optional Hybrid propulsion system makes this yacht with some of the lowest emission in the industry. In addition the yacht will be built following the requirements of “Wood for Ever” foundation under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.