"V120" yacht is the new design of IP.YD studio.

The vessel measures 120m in overall length with 20m maximum beam.

It is a futuristic design that achieves a dynamic form through the modern lines.

The yacht keeps an exclusive style that allows fluidity throughout the whole vessel. The fluidity can be defined by a principal curve on the superstructure that the rest of the lines follow with continuity.

The principal curve is the one that reminds of a V. The whole composition evolves around this line as it occurred in previous designs. A dominate line creates the whole project as the other curves underline and give the right intense on the basic line by creating a steady form.

The aim is the creation of pleasant areas that can be harmonious with the environment and according to the needs of the client result in providing an atmosphere that gives intimacy to the owners and the guests.

Furthermore, the innovative design in conjunction with the high standards of the materials and the spaces of the yacht, both internal and external, provide comfort throughout the decks making the staying on the boat even more attractive. The groundbreaking appearance is reflected from the exterior into the interior design as well.

The yacht can accommodate 30 passengers through four double and ten VIP cabins on the main and the upper decks as well as the two separate suites on the owner’s deck that include office, dressing room and lounge, always providing intimacy and aesthetic features that contribute to the ideal spaces for the travellers.