Project Véloce is a 130m high-speed Pentamaran concept by BMT Nigel Gee showcasing innovative uses of technology for a yacht of its size and capable of reaching speeds over 40 knots. The patented Pentamaran hull form that characterises her appearance and has been specially developed for high-speed applications.

The hull is hydrodynamically optimised without the constraints of needing to be stable as stability is provided by two pairs of outriggers; a short and shallow pair aft and a forward pair clear of the static water surface.The outriggers forward only become immersed as the vessel heels, consequently stability characteristics are maintained with no speed-sapping resistance.

Her 30 metre beam offers more internal area than other monohulls of the same size which allows for greater flexibility in configuration of layout. The propulsion system features a Combined Diesel Or Gas plant producing approximately 44MW of installed propulsive power, delivered via waterjets offering outstanding manoeuvrability and acceleration.

Further development of the Project Véloce design is currently underway.