118m Vitality, conceputalised by T Fotiadis Design, is sleek, elegant and sophisticated. She is the epitome of the modern yacht owners' desire for the ultimate in luxury; her clean curvature and impeccable interior spaces are reflective of the high class lifestyle which she represents.

 Vitality makes optimum use of volume across her already generous 118m and numerous decks. Her clean and composed profile holds within it a delight of amenities, facilities and wonder. Only the finest interior styling could match this striking and feminine exterior profile, and the highest attention to detail is paid on Vitality's styling and presentation.

A fantastic and spacious beach club and certified helipad are just two of the wonderful features onboard this exceptional concept. She is endlessly contemporary, fitted with abundant glass in her main salon affording guests panoramic sea views and direct exit to the helipad. Each deck is linked seamlessly by the craftful hand of T Fotiadis Design for a sense of ultimate connectivity and connection on this superyacht. Despite her immense size, guests will never feel lost onboard Vitality, and a number of intimate spaces and nooks assure a feeling of utter comfort while retaining her luxurious finish. 

Vitality's vast crew is at hand to ensure guests are doted on at every corner. She awaits one visionary and sophisticated an owner to realise this unique concept.