110 Dolcevita

Majestic like the work of art she is, as scintillating as the most magical epoch in modern history, 110' Dolcevita is Riva’s new fibreglass flagship, the latest masterpiece to grace the revamped flybridge fleet.

Created through a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the studio founded by Mauro Micheli alongside Sergio Beretta, Ferretti Group's Product Strategy Committee and the company's Engineering Department, 110’ Dolcevita is a flybridge of unspeakable beauty manufactured in La Spezia, at the production plant for all models between 67 and 110 feet.

The vessel's all-new design features an overall length of nearly 34 metres with a beam of 7.27 metres. The exterior design stands out for its super sporty profile. To the stern, lateral structures in fibreglass and glass further enhance the yacht's aerodynamic qualities.