Amer 116

A yacht that allows fuel savings when cruising displaced but that is capable of planing at an impressive 27 knots when you hit the throttle.

The Amer 116’ is the result of a lengthy development process based on an in depth market analysis that has led the yard to study a variety of solutions for the interior, based on three decks or a raised pilot house. In the end, choice fell upon the first configuration, which the yard defines as “sport-fly” because of the aggressive look of the superstructure.

In parallel with the design of the yacht and the layout of the interior, to which the architect Stefano Tini has contributed, Gruppo Permare, aware of their clients’ growing interest towards slower yachts that burn less fuel, entrusted the engineer Massimo Verme with the development of all of the yacht’s technical features, from hull design through to weight distribution.