Atlantica 78

The result of 10,000 hours of design by the shipyard, Atlantica is the natural evolution of the Mediterranean open

More than 24 meters in length, extremely slender and elegant lines, a deep convex V-shaped keel, backward slanting windshield, stunning bridge house, �stretched� portholes: every detail seems to accentuate the dynamic effect. Its oceanic sea holding combines perfectly with its insuperable speed of more than 48 knots, thanks to its surface propellers and its ability to harness all the power available. Internal spaces are uniquely customized. The central module is flexible and adapts to various layouts. You can choose the solution that includes four cabins and four bathrooms, plus accommodation for the crew, or replace the fourth cabin with a small saloon, or even eliminate the fourth bathroom to have a bigger saloon. Great achievements in comfort also include the crystal door that separates the saloon from the cockpit which can totally slide away. In a few seconds, you can have a large single environment that is either open or closed and air-conditioned.