Couach 3000 FLY

Born of the know-how of COUACH and the innovations of its design office, the 3000 Fly is an outstandingly efficient cabin cruiser offering navigation autonomy beyond the reach of its rivals. Thanks to its excellent engine performance at mid-range speeds, the 3000 Fly can easily cruise 1,000 nautical miles at 20 knots. COUACH applies its V-shaped hull design to the 3000 Fly, along with enhancements to the position of the transmission shafts and tunnels, and an optimised exhaust system to achieve faultless engine performance.

The first thing that catches the eye with the 3000 Fly is the harmony and balance it reveals throughout. The style combines simple, elegant lines and noble materials giving an overall feeling of discreet sensuality and of peace and well-being. Simply beautiful and naturally timeless, the 3000 Fly is an invitation to set out right away on a voyage of the senses.

With its two centrally-positioned 2400 HP engines ensuring perfect stability, the 3000 Fly reaches a speed of 34 knots with astounding ease. The outdoor cockpit offers unrivalled sensations thanks to exceptional manoeuvrability for a yacht of such a category.

To breathe in the sea air and become one with the elements, as our thoughts drift away on the breeze: to live on board the 3000 Fly is to discover hitherto unknown pleasures that enhance our love for the sea and make us feel even better ourselves.

The fruit of the collaboration between its owner, our architect and designers, the layout of the 3000 Fly meets the very highest expectations in terms of comfort, soundproofing and ergonomics. The crew areas are separated off completely and organised around the port side, while guests enjoy an extensive living area equipped with all the latest innovations in home technology. Throughout the boat, each and every detail is an original, made-to-measure design.