Jongert 4000 CMY

Cruise the ocean in comfort

What's the rush? We don't always need to get from a to b in the shortest possible time - sometimes it's nice to enjoy the journey itself. With the fabulous comfort and high standards of luxury onboard Jongert’s Cruising Line motoryachts, the unrivalled pleasure of a relaxing cruise is assured.

With a wealth of interior volume and an impressive layout, our Cruising Line motoryachts are equally impressive wherever you choose to enjoy the view from. The essence of these robust yachts is that they are constructed to circumnavigate the globe with a solid steel hull and aluminium superstructure. This allows you to embrace the cruising experience in all conditions and locations, from the Arctic to the Med.

The Cruising Motoryacht Line is currently available in 40-metre and 46-metre versions, both created on the boards of Mulder Design.