Lazzara LSX 92

The Lazzara LSX92 has more new thinking and more innovative features than any express yacht of any size. She was the first yacht ever designed to utilize four of Volvo’s revolutionary IPS drives. The performance of this Quad installation surpassed even our most ambitious expectations. The joystick alone changed yacht handling.

Docking and close maneuvering became non-issues even for first-time owners. We registered top speeds over thirty knots with by far the best fuel efficiency and range in the class. Presented with the level of success of the Seventy Five, most builders would have simply scaled the yacht up in length, rather than incur the sizable risk and cost of designing then building a completely new model.

Engineering is the soul of a yacht. How a hatch or door feels and sounds when it opens and closes. The sublime quiet you find at 30 knots in 5-foot seas is, at once, both stimulating and calming. The single touch of a button that activates an innovative world of articulated super-luxuries. The LSX Ninety Two is a sensually engineered work of art and the point of departure from all other yacht designs.