MCY 105

The MCY yachts are thought, designed and built to stand the test of time and go beyond trends and fads that come and go. We recognise that new standards of luxury are constantly being established and that responsibility, sustainability and personality are increasingly important. We rise to the challenge of building each and every one of our motor yachts to be the best expression of luxury today and tomorrow. Our yachts are elegant but never overstated, innovative but noble: they are timeless classics.

Monte Carlo Yachts has gone above and beyond its truly iconic design and remarkable customization capabilities by introducing revolutionary naval architecture and a unique construction process. MCY yachts are made of three modules - hull, interior module and deck - which are built simultaneously until the last detailing stage then joined together during final assembly.

The truly innovative element is represented by the interior module, which is built in its entirety as a single piece outside of the hull. In addition the traditional hull structure is replaced by an innovative internal structural skeleton so that the entire beam of the yacht contributes to increase the structural qualities.

What may come to a surprise at first is discovering that Monte Carlo Yachts builds fibre glass yachts where virtually every inch of space is custom-designed and hand-made. Customisation options range from the main deck, lower deck and exterior areas, all aiming to offer exceptional enjoyment and liveability. Leveraging technology both within the design and manufacturing process,
the MCY Collection offers limitless possibilities to satisfy any owner’s special requirements.

All materials used in the yachts’ living spaces come from the world’s top design firms
and the best Italian suppliers. The aim is to combine selected natural stones and woods, hand-made tiles, decorative metals, high end fabrics and hand-stitched leathers in a balanced and refined way Monte Carlo Yachts’ flagship is the most tangible exemplification of the shipyard’s vision and the best expression of its timeless style and the naval allure of its Collection.

Featuring the MCY’ iconic design elements such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the MCY 105 is the result of a painstaking attention given to proportions, the inherent dynamism of the lines, and to every single detail.