MCY 80

Genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills, Monte Carlo Yachts aims to break new ground in the luxury motor yachts segment. The Italian shipyard is dedicated to crafting timeless luxury yachts that have been internationally recognised both for their iconic style and performance.

Elegant yachts with a distinctive style combined with harmonious lines and enriched by sophisticated materials and contemporary decorative touches: the MCY Collection stands out for its unique features.

The level of maturity achieved by Monte Carlo Yachts is clearly expressed through wide internal spaces, impressive panoramic views, engineering solutions that have reached new levels of achievement, and design ideas that have been tailored to offer owners well-being and comfort.

What may come to a surprise at first is discovering that Monte Carlo Yachts builds fibre glass yachts where virtually every inch of space is custom-designed and hand-made. Customisation options range from the main deck, lower deck and exterior areas, all aiming to offer exceptional enjoyment and liveability. Leveraging technology both within the design and manufacturing process, the MCY Collection offers limitless possibilities to satisfy any owner’s special requirements.

Monte Carlo Yachts’ defining tradition of combining visionary design with concrete results to create yachts that match the best of luxury and functionality with outstanding performance is exemplified in the MCY 80. Agile and sleek, the MCY 80 is inspired by ideas of élan and finesse, which are translated into smooth exterior lines and shaped bulwarks that give it a curvy and modern look.