Momentum 90

This new series has been developed with the architect Mr. Gian Marco Campanino.

The design of the MOMENTUM series has a (vaguely)old-style flavor.

The initial inspiration was born by the passion for the elegant style of the great yachts of the '30s and '40s of the last century in order to evolve towards a new concept of contemporary, modern superyacht, that leaves no space for arbitrary and complicated geometries to give maximum emphasis on the purity and beauty of the line, clean and sleek lines in its sophisticated simplicity.

Large interior spaces widebody, glass covers technological shielded from solar shading adjustable, technological spherical sunscreens, bridges as terraces, swimming pools integrated, a beach club & SPA can be completely opened to the sea, glasses vertically extending for the cabins, glass walls full-height allover, that create a unique indoor-outdoor continuity for unique 270° panoramic views.

MOMENTUM is a real floating villa full of open spaces and discrete luxury.